Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OH American Idol...

WOW! Is all I am going to say!!

You really have outdone yourself!! First of all Michael Jackson... Aww snap! That rocks the world. Being an infant of the 80's... can I just say that every. single. Michael Jackson song rocks the world... uh huh.. yeah thats right... I went there folks!! YEP!!

OH MAN and my favorite song. In. The. Entire. World. PYT!! And guess who sang it... HELL YEAH. Danny Gokey! Oh man, this night could not get any better!

Not to mention there were so many good singers tonight. I am so pumped about this season.

I have a new favorite though... mmmm... Matt Giraud, you are sexy in a weird, bluesy, kinda way and I have a musical crush on you. You almost beat Danny Gokey, but Danny sang PYT so he beat you out... better luck next week Matt :D


Lindsay said...

Ditto ma'am! And yes, yes, yes Matt is a sexy bluesy wanna have him sing to you kinda guy!! Oh, I'm lovin' me some Idol!!! Whoo-woo

Michelle said...

I loved it too!

Kelli said...

Go Danny, Go Danny!
I also really like Allison- her raspy voice is coo for me... and I like Megan- but she's gotta figure some shiznat out! Rockin Robin- c'mon now sista!

missy said...

I agree with EVERYTHING you said! I thought Matt rocked it out of the water but my heart belongs to Danny!