Thursday, September 24, 2009

My little Montessori Man

Mr Man is exploding with knowledge at this Montessori, I am just so proud of him!

Last night after dinner, he turned to me and said, "ok mom... bath?"

I think I sat there a little stunned before I said yes. He is growing up right before my eyes *weep*

Then this morning, while watching Imagination Movers, we were about to have to go and I said, ok bud, lets get your shoes and socks. And he walks in his room, grabs some socks, and brings them to me and says "socks!" He is such a doll.

I knew when we started sending him to the school he would get smarter, but this quickly, and this many words, is just unbelievable.

Not to mention Mr Man has started singing. As you all know, I sang to him as a baby, and have continued that in all of his 17 months... but when he started singing back to me, I couldn't help but cry.

Both the ex and I are singers, so I guess he just hears us all the time, and he gets to sing at his school. It is just so incredible to have these walking, talking, little people staring at you and singing to you.

Even after 17 months I am utterly shocked at how much the little guy teaches me!


Lindsay said...

Good job Mr. Man! Something really happens around 17 mos.,it just all starts pouring out! And doesn't stop!!! Precious.

La said...

Look at that cutie! Hair all nice and slick, all ready to impress the girls. That's my buddy!