Tuesday, May 30, 2006

There is life after 25...

You know when I was young I thought 25 was an eternity. I never thought that it would be this easy and this fun. My husband is amazing and treats me wonderfully. My band is incredible and I really think we are going places. My family... there are no words to say how kind and amazing my family is. And then there are my friends. The friends that show up to a gig on a Thursday night and they have to work the next day, and the friends that stay at a bar, just because your having fun. Friends that are with you whenever you need and friends that give you great freakin' earings for you birthday.

I thank God for all the friends I have, and all the ones I am still getting to know. I thank God for making life interesting and beautiful. I appreciate life and all it has to offer and I hope one day My husband and I will bring a life into this world. Thanks to everyone who is in either of these catagory's for you all make life what it is. Adventurous and Wonderful. What I have learned in 25 years is to be thankful and to give compliments to people that could use them. Another person smiling brings a smile to my face and it could do the same for another. We are all friends and family and lovers. So be thankful... especially to those who bleed into one or more catagory, like the olympic rings. Thanks to all of you who are wonderful and keep a smile on my face.

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