Saturday, May 6, 2006

I'm Driving a Convertible!!!!!

So yesterday, I am sitting at home, waiting to go out to dinner. I knew my hubby would be home at about 5:30ish so when there was a knock at the front door I should have figured something was up. But I didn't.

He asked me to come help him with some stuff outside and there it was.... my new, red convertable. Oh yes!!! It was the most beautifu thing ever. I have been on this convertable kick since I was 16. Man and now I have one. Can you believe my husband surprised me with a car? A convertable and today is HIS birthday.

I often ask myself how lucky I am to have found such a wonderful guy and for him to be so selfless, that on HIS birthday he gets me a gift. I love this man more than life!
Can this life get any better... I often ask myself. And then I answer yes, I get to spend another year and day and hour with my loving husband. So today I am going driving in my BRAND SPANKIN NEW CONVERTABLE! with 6 disc in dash CD. Damn. I can't wait to drive all of my friends around. But save room for my husband... he has perma-shotgun!

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