Friday, July 9, 2010

Sun-Kissed Skin, Beach Sand, and Precious Moments

Look mom...a flag :)

Mom's little surfer dude...


Poppy love <3

Are three ways I would describe our 4th of July vacation.

South Carolina and Hilton Head Island are quickly becoming synonyms with 4th of July fireworks and laughter by the beach!

Each year, we head to my parents condo out here to bask in the sun and relax by the waves, and let me tell you, every year it does the trick!

Mr Man is old enough now that he enjoys the sand and waves in the morning and by nap time is absolutely exhausted from running all morning. When the blonde monster wakes up, it's back to the pool or beach we go, to hang with friends and splash in the fountains.

These are the times I will re-count to my grandchildren and try to explain to them that family, as crazy as they are, cannot be replaced. The love and laughter they give to you throughout your life is unrivaled.

As our last full day rapidly approaches, I can only be extremely thankful for having such a wonderful family that I enjoy spending vacations with and that can provide us with amazing vacations such as these :)

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Lindsay said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful time!!! I'd give my right kidney to go on vacation right about now!!! HA!