Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Back!!!

And it's been a hell of a ride!!!

I think the last time I posted was in October, yes I know, I'm a slacker...what can I say, a girl's gotta work, and time gets away from ya! ;)

Well, what has happened in the last couple of months, you ask? Here goes!

Thanksgiving - we ate a lot :)

Christmas - we got snowed in, had an impromtu concert in my dad's media room, drank too much wine, got amazing gifts, and the love and food flowed freely!
New Years - I spent with a guy, on a couch, cuddling. Not to mention, I got a kiss at midnight. B was with Matt and stayed up to the late hour of 8 PM.

Valentines - my parents gave me adorable gifts and I got to love on my munckin.

The month of the Irish - was filled with everything Irish! I was dating an Irishman, so green beer was had, an amazing vacation with tropical islands and white sands was taken and we fell in love again.

April - BRADY TURNED 2!!!!! My beautiful, blue eyed son, turned 2 years old and it melted Mommy's heart! We took pictures to celebrate the moment, had a brunch party, and he was spoiled with over generous friends and toys!!!

May - has brought a broken heart (Irish and I have decided to split), a new way of thinking, and my birthday - which is Sunday. I can't say I am jumping up and down to turn the big 2-9, but I will tell you that amazing family and friends has made me appreciate all the little things I have!!!

So thanks for reading...if you're still otu there, and sorry I went MIA.

The Italian Stilletto is back and better than ever!!!!


Kristen said...

Hey! Welcome back!

ashalah said...

Welcome back!! It's been a ride of a year so far, huh? Hope you had a great birthday weekend ;)

Lacey Bean said...

Woo hoo! Welcome back!!

Lindsay said...

Love the picture of you and Brady! Frame it! :)