Monday, May 14, 2007

Best Mothers Day EVER!

So, as you all know by now, Matt and I are expecting a little one. I didn't expect the reaction we got from the moms. It was so wonderful.

Matt and I found out Friday, I got blood drawn and we wanted to make sure it was true before we started telling the world. I think I took 10 pee tests :) So, we head to the gig Friday night, sick as a dog and Matt bursting at the seems to tell the whole audience. I make it through the gig... barely! I think I threw up my lunch 8 times or so... UGH!

Sat was worse! I couldn't stand, I felt like a Mac truck hit me and all I could do was sleep. I am thinking, Geez, these are only the first 3 wks, what is the rest going to be like??? But, as always, my friends were there (especially Michelle) telling me your fine, eat something, sleep it off :) So I did, and Sunday I woke up ... ready to face the parents. We knew they'd be excited, we just didn't know the ENTIRE world would know by Mon morning... hee hee!!

Sunday (Moms day) we head to Blue Mesa with our "Moms day gifts. to meet the Chamberlain's." We wrapped 2 beautiful gifts in very unassuming packaging. We sat through lunch, I barely ate a thing, and had to tell everyone I had a headache ;-) Finally... gift time. I hand my mother-in-law the gift and she opens and doesn't quite know what to make of it... I am thinking... it's a baby rattle... come on! Finally the look on her face... PRICELESS! The whole table started laughing and smiling. Everyone was thrilled.

Then we head to dinner with my parents. Now this moment, I will NEVER forget. Their having dinner, drinking wine and chatting. So I aks my mom if she wants her gift. Matt hands the gift to my mom, and she makes some comment about loving gifts in small packages. She opens the paper and starts balling! My dad didn't see it, so he had no idea. My mom can't stop crying, so finally my mom breaks from the tears and holds up the rattle. She couldn't even spit out the words. She just held it up and said we're gonna be.... grandparents. My dad turns to me with this look like... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. Then he starts to cry and as my mom tells the ENTIRE wait staff she is going to be a grandparent, my dad orders champagne, sprite for me :)

We couldn't have planned it any better!! The entire afternoon was spent calling, New York, Arizona, Florida, Kansas City, Virginia and Texas. Needless to say our ENTIRE family knows and we are so very excited.

Not to mention, as soon as we got home my mom got out her diamond and held it above my stomach (from an old wives tale) and if it swings back and forth it is a boy and in a circle, it is a girl. That ring swung back and forth with avengence. We are thinking we are having a boy, but I'll keep you posted!!

Thanks for all the support and prayers! We don't care about sex, we just want a healthy, happy, baby!!

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