Saturday, February 25, 2006

Some Days are just Bitchy!

Well, Saturday morning has rolled around and for some reason I am in a bitchy mood! No reason, my life is great, my friends are great. I am just a bitch. Maybe an alocoholic beverage would cure the soul. . Or maybe not. It is noon somewhere?

Why sometimes do you just wake up in a bad mood. Maybe it is the people or maybe just you! I have had a lot on my mind with work and "new" friends. Not sure if I want to reconnect, it seems forced, but I did anyway. Just to make sure she was well. We used to be so close and now it is like we are worlds apart. Her in hers and mine. I think now that I look back, that it was like that all along. We were always in different worlds and we tried to merge them. It seemed like it worked, and then it didn't. Now we have come full circle and I am so hesitant to accept this new thing I can't stand it. Weird.

Shit, I just really hope the bitch goes away, and happy me comes back. It sucks to be bitchy, especially on a lazy Saturday morning!

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